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Guess no introductions are necessary considering the remote chances of stumbling upon this page by accident. You probably form the endless list of friends, colleagues and family that I’v been blessed with. Anyways hope you are doing great which ever part of the world you are in. My regards to you and your family and your folk’s if I do know them.

This site was primarily meant for me to have a permanent email id kiran[at] that is easy for all of you to remember. It then became a test bed of sorts for my internet projects. Now its become a guinea pig for the sole purpose of making a blogger out of me.

Btw I’m still in the same house with my parents in Cochin for the time being while Suman and me finish the house we are building. The address for the same is as follows

‘Yuletide’ 42/2041
St Benedict Extn. Rd.
Cochin 682018

You can reach me on +91 98470 49490.

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